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*In Stock* Size 1 Wool Diaper Cover

*In Stock* Size 1 Wool Diaper Cover

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Natural, undyed wool interlock or flannel on the inside with wool knit or flannel outer layer. The wool used is 100% wool for maximum protection.

• Gentle nonabsorbent elastic at waist and legs

• Adjustable snap closure

• Perfect for day or night

• Soft and comfy!

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1 - 0 to 3 m, 9-16" waist, 4-8" thigh, 10-15" rise
2 - 3-9 m, 12-18" waist, 5-10" thigh, 12-16" rise
3 -  9-18 m, 14-20" waist, 6-12" thigh, 16-18" rise
4 - Toddler, 16-22" waist, 7-14" thigh, 18-20" rise


Wool is naturally lanolized, which allows it to be a breathable, moisture resistant option for cloth diapering. It is best practice to re-lanolize your wool diaper covers if they start passing moisture through. Wash with a gentle soap in warm water by hand. Avoid using hot or cold water and excessive agitation or rubbing, which can cause the wool to shrink. Rinse and gently wring excess water, then air dry. 

To lanolize, first melt ½ tsp. of pure lanolin in very hot water, mix well, then add cool water to bring the temperature down before soaking your clean wool cover for about ½ an hour. Do not rinse. Air dry.

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